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Long Island Iced... Coffee?

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I have never had this before. I have had the tea whilst on vacation and while it is good it is very strong and you have to be careful. I have never in my life had a long island iced coffee however. I was looking at the typical blend and it does not sound good.

You mix coffee with Baileys, Kahlua, vodka, rum, and tequila and pour it over ice. This can't taste good, can it? 

Posted : 10 September 2023 21:31
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I am not really a fan of long island iced tea to I probably would not like this. However, I do have a family friend that really enjoys the stuff. I just don't like mixed drinks like this with alcohol. I like one alcohol at a time if I am going to drink it. 

Posted : 23 September 2023 20:51
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I feel the same, it seems like there is just too much going on in this! I am just not sure if anyone around here has even heard of one. I asked a few friends and they never have. 

Posted : 27 September 2023 20:55
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Do not drink it! It is horrific!! My sister made some and we all gagged. I don't know anyone who can drink this and enjoy it! Plus they say it is bad to mix caffeine with alcohol now, not good for your organs or your heart. 

Posted : 28 September 2023 20:17


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