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Discover CoffeeHype’s Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods Collection!

Our Coffee Pods are specially crafted to be used with domestic drop-through Nespresso® machines, offering you a seamless and convenient brewing experience. Please note that they are not compatible with professional machines, “built-in” models, or the new Vertuo range. Additionally, our Coffee Pods are not suitable for use with Keurig, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza, Nespresso® Professional, or Vertuoline systems.

We take pride in providing you with high-quality coffee pods that fit perfectly into your Nespresso® machine, ensuring a consistent and flavourful cup of coffee every time. Simply fill our “fill it yourself” Coffee Pods with your preferred CoffeeHype blend, place it in your Nespresso® machine, and enjoy the rich and aromatic flavours of our premium coffee.

Embrace the convenience and versatility of our Coffee Pods, designed to enhance your coffee brewing experience and bring the world of CoffeeHype’s finest blends right to your home.

Experience the pleasure of a perfect cup with CoffeeHype’s Coffee Pods. Elevate your coffee moments and delight in the exceptional taste of our carefully selected coffee offerings!


Coffee Pods FAQs

Our Coffee Pods are designed to be compatible with most domestic drop-through Nespresso® machines. However, they are not suitable for professional machines, “built-in” models, or the new Vertuo range. Rest assured, they work seamlessly with standard Nespresso® machines, bringing you the best coffee experience at home.

Our Coffee Pods Collection offers a diverse selection of coffee blends, ranging from single-origin delights to bold espresso blends and smooth decaf options. You can choose from an array of flavours to suit your preferences and enjoy the rich taste of CoffeeHype’s finest coffee in every cup.

Using our “fill it yourself” Coffee Pods is easy! Simply open the pod, fill it with your desired amount of CoffeeHype’s ground coffee, and close it securely. Then, place the filled pod into your Nespresso® machine and brew as usual. It’s a hassle-free way to enjoy your favourite coffee in a sustainable and convenient manner.

Yes, our Coffee Pods are made from recyclable materials. After use, you can dispose of them in your recycling bin, contributing to a more sustainable environment. We believe in eco-friendly solutions to complement your exceptional coffee experience.

Yes, our Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods are versatile and perfect for brewing both hot and iced coffee. Simply brew a hot cup as usual, and for iced coffee, let it cool and pour over ice for a refreshing and invigorating iced coffee treat.

Absolutely! With our “fill it yourself” Coffee Pods, you have the freedom to customize the strength of your coffee to your liking. Simply adjust the amount of CoffeeHype’s ground coffee you fill into the pod to achieve your preferred coffee intensity. Whether you enjoy a bold and robust brew or a milder cup, our Coffee Pods give you full control over your coffee’s strength.


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