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James Hoffman French Press Method

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It seems like most people these days use this method to avoid any amount of granules escaping into their drink. 

I am fairly new to using a french press so I am just trying to see which methods are best. Would you consider the JHFP method to be the best?

Posted : 3 September 2023 19:07
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I tried it and I find that there are steps that aren't necessary once you know what you are doing. You can actually balance the method out a bit and save yourself some time. 

Posted : 4 September 2023 17:21
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For what it is, the method works. I have tried it and think it makes amazing coffee. However, you have to go through a lot of steps which is not something I tend to have time for so I seldom do coffee this way. I would rather do cold brew or other methods so I have coffee ready to go. 

Posted : 25 September 2023 19:20


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