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Are manual coffee grinders good?

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I know it make seem silly to some but I don't want loads of different appliances cluttering up my kitchen. We live in a flat right now that has a very tiny kitchen. I figured getting a hand grinder would be best as it is smaller and I can just tuck it away easier. I only ever used electric and the one I had in Canada was quite large and loud! It did a great job. Are manual coffee grinders just as good? 

Posted : 9 September 2023 20:52
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They can be. If you are not fussed about cleaning them each time and doing it by hand. It is less convenient. I have used them. I keep one for if I need one in a pinch as it can be used to grind up other items as well. 

Posted : 23 September 2023 20:47
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Okay, so which would you recommend or does it matter? I have seen a few different styles but I am not entirely sure about the brand.

I just don't want to buy something that is complete junk!

Posted : 27 September 2023 00:14


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