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Why are they so expensive!?

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A friend of mine is getting married and this was one of the gifts on the wedding registry that she wants. There is no specific brand or price, or anything like that. I was looking online and all the recommend machines are bloody expensive! I am talking £300+!

I only intended on spending £50 max and it seems most of the other gifts are already purchased so I am not entirely sure what do to here. Are there cheaper options that are good? 

Posted : 2 September 2023 22:45
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They are expensive because of the parts and technology that is involved in their function. I actually was told about this by a coffee shop owner. The ones that they coffee shops have are WAY more expensive but you can still get one for home use if you don't mind paying a fair deal for one. It doesn't help either that not many people want them or need them. So the price stays more elevated. 

Posted : 5 September 2023 21:00
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Oh right, people don't buy them as much as other products so that would keep the cost higher. Likely why EVs are still pricey but have since come down for certain brands/makes. Do you know of a cheap option that is good?

Posted : 16 September 2023 22:30
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The highest rated "cheap" option on Amazon is the Salter EK3131 Espressimo Machine. There are cheaper manual ones but I am guessing you want an automated one. Take a look at it. 

Posted : 17 September 2023 17:22


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