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Moka Pots worth the...
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Moka Pots worth the hype?

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I hear a lot about them though I have never actually tried coffee from one. Not that I am aware of anyways. I can't imagine they are very common where I live. Maybe I have tried it out of the area without knowing, not sure! Either way, I have been wanting to try it. It appears to be an Italian method. I have found options for buying one on Amazon for around £20, some less some more. 

Posted : 30 August 2023 14:01
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I don't think they are for me. I ordered one by mistake and ended up trying it. I have had just as good of coffee with less the effort. I would not taste much of a difference in flavour. I ended up cleaning it real well and regifting it to a co-worker. 

Posted : 13 September 2023 20:13


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