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I am new to the forum, how to I edit my profile picture?

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I have not been able to figure that out. I am not a big forum user, I am more used to the simple formats of social media these days. I am getting a bit frustrated trying to find where to edit it. Can someone help? I know it is probably terribly simple. I am just overlooking it somewhere! 

Posted : 6 September 2023 20:47
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I just did this myself! So what you want to do is locate the mini menu and click on the gear, I will attach a picture for you. This will open up the customization options for your profile. Scroll down a little bit until you see Avatar on the left side. To the right, there will be a button to choose a file. Click that, selection your image, and then scroll to the bottom and click the save changes button. That's it!

Posted : 9 September 2023 19:49
koolcat34 reacted
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Thank you. I am going to change it now. I know it is such a basic thing but all these options and options, I was not sure what did what haha


Posted : 22 September 2023 22:30


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