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Experience Convenience with CoffeeHype’s Coffee Syrup Pumps!

Discover the ultimate convenience with our coffee syrup pumps, also known as coffee syrup dispensers. These specialized pumps are designed to perfectly complement your coffee syrups, making it easy to add delicious flavours to your favourite beverages.

Our coffee syrup pumps are specifically crafted for coffee syrup bottles, ensuring a seamless fit and precise portion control. Say goodbye to messy pouring and inconsistent measurements – with our pumps, you can dispense the ideal amount of syrup every time, creating a harmonious flavour balance in each cup.

Whether you’re a coffee shop owner or a passionate home barista, our coffee syrup pumps are a must-have addition to your coffee setup. Elevate your coffee creations with the convenience and accuracy of CoffeeHype’s Syrup Pumps Collection, and indulge in the delightful experience of perfectly flavoured coffee beverages!


Coffee Syrup Pumps FAQs

Coffee syrup pumps, also known as coffee syrup dispensers, are specially designed tools used to dispense coffee syrups in a controlled and precise manner. They typically fit directly onto the neck of syrup bottles, allowing users to pump out the desired amount of syrup for flavouring their coffee or other beverages.

Our coffee syrup pumps are designed to be compatible with most 1 litre coffee syrup bottles. However, we recommend checking the pump’s fit with the specific syrup bottles you intend to use to ensure a proper match.

While our syrup pumps are primarily designed for coffee syrups, they can also be used for other flavoured syrups, such as dessert toppings or flavoured sweeteners. As long as the syrup’s viscosity and bottle size are compatible with the pump, it can be a versatile tool for various applications.

Yes, our coffee syrup pumps offer precise portion control, allowing you to dispense a consistent amount of syrup with each pump. This feature ensures that you can maintain the desired flavour profile in your coffee or beverages, eliminating the need for manual measuring.

To clean the syrup pumps, simply detach them from the syrup bottles and rinse them with warm water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges, as they may damage the pump’s mechanisms. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance will help ensure the longevity and functionality of your coffee syrup pumps.

Yes, our coffee syrup pumps are suitable for both hot and cold beverages. Whether you’re flavouring your hot latte or iced coffee, the pumps provide a convenient and mess-free way to add syrup to your drinks, enhancing their taste and overall coffee experience.


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